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30 Billion Lactobacillus (Drink Mixed Powder) (Market Price: RM 632.50/200 Sachets, RM101.20/30 Sachets)

Adjust constitution, help digest, make to have a bowel movement smoothly, keep and improve looks, promise longevity, promote metabolism, Natural and live lactobacillus.

Keeper of Gastro-intestinal Tract
Safety Data:
Passed strict Taiwan's National Toxicology Test Report: No.TX-303bact.
Testing shown that long-term usage of 30B Lactobacillus is effective in safety and provides good health to human body.

How to use:
1. For health maintenance: 1 to 2 sachets a day. For recovery, 3 to 6 sachets a day.
2. Infant: can mixed with milk, fruit juice or warm water for consumption.
3. Consume at any time, before or after meals.

Suitable audience with conditions:
Frequent diarrhoea, flatulent, frequent constipation, indigestion, loss appetite

Indigestion, loss appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain, pressure, stress, colon cancer prevention, gastro-intestinal infection, gastro-intestinal discomfort due to travelling, vaginal infection etc...

Functional deterioration, immunity, and abuse of antibiotic consumption.

Product Characteristics:

Not many products contain 3 strains of friendly bacteria. Our product has 6 strains of good bacteria, the highest in the market.

● Lactobacillus Acidophilus
● Leuconoc mesenteroides subsp
● Lactobacillus casei subsp
● Bifidobacterium longum
● Bifidobacterium bifidus
● Streptococcus laclis

2. Each sachet contains 30 billion of good live bacteria.
3. Main goal of this product is to increase the good bacteria exponentially, and to remove the bad one.
4. Formula is exclusive, result is good.
5. Research unit: by Tensall
6. Classified as food by Taiwan authority. Approval code: 0890023455.
7. Sources of good bacteria strains are from human body. Healthy if consume more, no adverse effects.
8. 6 strains of good bacteria helps to secret nutrients which help to smooth bowel, increase calcium absorption, containing bad bacteria to grow, and preventing decaying food that releases toxin.

When just fresh out from production factory:
>Quantity of live bacteria has 70 billion per gram. Thus, 1 sachet has 70b x 3g=210 billion of live bacteria.

Second year (24 months) after production:
>Quantity of live bacteria will reduced by 30% = 140 billion of live bacteria.

Third year (36 months) after production:
>Quantity of live bacteria in each sachet could maintain up to 30 billion of live bacteria.


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